So What Is Gesso Anyway?

Gesso and Test Sheets

This afternoon, I did another experiment using the Strathmore Premium Cover white cardstock I purchased a few weeks ago, this time looking at how prepping it first with gesso changes the way a variety of art mediums behave on it. All of the art mediums I tested are commonly used by stampers: regular colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolor markers, archival pigment markers, watercolor crayons, pastel pencils, alcohol ink markers and Gel-Sticks/Gelatos.

My inspiration to play with this traces back to my most recent “Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps” eArticle. In researching the topic, I learned that you can improve dry blending of Gel-Sticks or Gelatos if you first prep the surface with a light coat of gesso. After I purchased the Strathmore Premium Cover but wasn’t happy with the way it takes colored pencils, I wondered if some gesso might make a difference. So today I gave it a try.

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Searching For the Best White Cardstock For Stamping

White Cardstock Samplers

(Above: Trying out different art mediums on four types of white paper. Coloring is rough to get a feel for how the paper accepts the medium rather than working for careful shading. Art mediums include regular colored pencils, watercolor pencils, pastel pencils, watercolor markers – both Marvy and Distress- and Copic alcohol ink markers. Stamp: Time to Stamp)

I’ve been thinking about paper for stamping lately. I’ve been stamping for a long time and over the years have collected a wide variety of paper for stamping and/or layering. The stamping paper I reach for today is not necessarily the same paper that I reached for when I started stamping over twenty years ago.

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226 Days of VSN Day 1: Doodled & Scored Color Blocking

Large Balloon: Hamilton Arts, Balloon Cluster: All Night Media. 6 1/4″ x 5 1/2″.This is the first of my “226 Days of VSN” posts. The idea for this post series is to open up an old issue of VSN, find one or more ideas or techniques from that issue and use it in a fresh way to create something fun. The inspiration for this large card was two ideas from the Sept ’05 VSN plus the “Doodling, Hand Lettering and Stamps” eArticle. If you’ve got the Sept ’05 VSN, pull it off the shelf to see the original articles that inspired this post! Continue reading 226 Days of VSN Day 1: Doodled & Scored Color Blocking