Brayer Techniques For Stampers eArticle Updated

Brayer Techniques eArticle Cover

I’ve got another VSN eArticle updated for you. This time I picked Brayer Techniques for Stampers. Brayers are deceptively simple tools. There is just SO MUCH that can be done with a brayer. For example, you can use ink, paint, glue or water, all with a brayer or even use it dry. I’ll bet this eArticle has a few techniques you hadn’t thought of trying. Be sure to check it out!

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Pegboard + IRIS = Storage

Pegboard Storage

Yesterday evening, thanks to some husbandly assistance, I got my Rollagraph wheels, handles and accessory storage set up. First, you should know that I don’t have a lot of wall space in my craft area – probably about six feet total and it is in a corner. The thread display unit on a re-purposed TV stand and the paper sorter on a chest of drawers that I showed you the other day (where I am storing stamps) pretty much use up all the wall space I’ve got. So I’ve always had to be inventive about creating vertical storage space.

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Revised (Smaller!) Versions of “Brayer Techniques” epub & Kindle Versions

VSN Container Stamps eArticle CoverI hope everyone has been having a good holiday weekend! This is just a quick note to alert folks who enjoy the epub and Kindle versions of VSN’s eArticles, that I have just posted revised epub and Kindle versions of the “Brayer Techniques For Stampers” eArticle. What changed? The file size.

The original epub version was 28 MB in size and the original Kindle version was 30 MB. I figured out a way to reduce the file size to 7.1 MB and 6.4 MB respectively. So they are now about a quarter of the file size, but the pictures are actually better quality, they will take up less room on your eReader or tablet, and should be quicker to download.

This change does not affect the pdf version of the eArticle. I may go back and do something similar for previous eArticle epub and Kindle versions if there is interest.

Nancie, VSN