Pegboard + IRIS = Storage

Pegboard Storage

Yesterday evening, thanks to some husbandly assistance, I got my Rollagraph wheels, handles and accessory storage set up. First, you should know that I don’t have a lot of wall space in my craft area – probably about six feet total and it is in a corner. The thread display unit on a re-purposed TV stand and the paper sorter on a chest of drawers that I showed you the other day (where I am storing stamps) pretty much use up all the wall space I’ve got. So I’ve always had to be inventive about creating vertical storage space.

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Brayer Techniques eArticle is Now Posted!

Brayer Techniques eArticle Cover

VSN’s newest free eArticle, “Brayer Techniques For Stampers” has now been posted on VSN’s website.Here is what you will find inside:

Brayers are incredibly useful tools. Every stampers should have at least one! This eArticle looks at the four main types of brayers: hard rubber, soft rubber, foam and acrylic and when to use each type. We cover using brayers for burnishing and smoothing as well as using them with ink, paint, glue or water.

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Can You Guess The Two Mystery Brayer Techniques?

Brayered Card

Can You Guess How I Made This Card?

Here is another card from the “Brayer Techniques” eArticle I’ll be posting later today. This card, featuring a stamp from About Art Accents, uses two different brayer techniques. Can you guess the two techniques used? Same deal: The first person who posts the right answer in the Comments here on the blog before the eArticle is posted to will receive a free copy of the “Choosing Color for Stamped Cards” eArticle.(I’ll email you a download link.) Again, don’t worry if your comment doesn’t immediately appear. There is a little bit of a lag between when you post and when you see it.  ~ Nancie

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