Watercolor Crayon Sample Card

Watercolor Crayon Artwork

This is a quick card that I made for the “Watercolor Crayons: Techniques For Stampers” eArticle. The layout and design of the card isn’t really the strongest, but I like it for two reasons: I love the strong colors and the feel of it. And I like that it shows two very different ways that you can use watercolor crayons in stamp art: to create a vibrant background and to subtly color and shade a stamped image.

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New eArticle To Be Posted Later Today!

Gel Stick & Gelatos Artwork

Good Morning! I am busy doing the final work to get the brand new “Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps” eArticle posted on VSN’s website. I should have it up by early afternoon. In the meantime, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at one of the pieces of artwork created for this eArticle. This card was created by Shona Erlenborn.

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Fixing a Stamp Goof

Nancie Waterman's Artwork

This is a simple card that I made today for the upcoming “Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps” eArticle. I’ll tell you how I made it in the eArticle itself. I wanted to share it because I made a goof on it and had to fix it . . . and although it would not have dawned on me to make the change required by the fix, I think it was just the touch that the card needed. (Don’t you love it when things work out that way?) Can you find the goof?

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