Parchment Baking Paper Uses For Stampers

Your kitchen can provide some great tools for stamping. You just need to look at what you’ve got in your kitchen drawers with your stamper’s eye!

Brayering Using Parchment Baking Paper

After reading VSN’s newest eArticle, “Brayer Techniques for Stampers Carol Getman of Mineral Point Wisconsin’s Oh So Much Fun! (Paper Arts and Rubber Stamps) emailed me, saying, “You’ve outdone yourself with the brayer techniques! WOW. Thank you very much!”

“You wrote [in the eArticle] about sealing projects with adhesive using a brayer. I have a tip: Fold a piece of baking parchment paper in half, sandwich in your work so that it is totally covered by the baking parchment and then brayer away.”

Brayering With Parchment Baking Paper(Dragonflies – Deadbeat Designs)

“Nothing sticks to baking parchment and your brayer/work are both clean. Should your brayer not be perfectly clean, the baking parchment will protect the project! I use baking parchment for many projects [to keep them] not only fingerprint free, but clear of other debris.”

Ironing and Folding Using Parchment Baking Paper

Carol adds, “I use the baking parchment sandwich when ironing things together and for folding light colored or touchy papers and the like.”


“When using a bone folder to make a slick crease, sometimes the bone folder leaves a shiny mark on your paper or cardstock. So, use baking parchment (as a sandwich again) when creasing. No shiny marks! (You can also use other thin papers to prevent a shiny mark.) Baking parchment has so many possibilities.”

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