Making Easy Envelopes With a Template

Calendar Picture EnvelopeThis morning I woke up to a beautiful surprisingly cool sunny summer day. The sun was shining into the craft room and made me want to hang out there. So I decided to make some envelopes. This is something I’ve done a million times in the past but actually haven’t done lately. It is obviously quicker to just grab a store-bought envelope. But it occurred to me that as well as being prettier, if I made a few sturdy envelopes for mailing out small orders of unmounted stamps, I could save the folks who purchase them on VSN’s Online Yardsale a little money, making a good deal even a little better. So I made a few. It is so easy . . .

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Linda’s Easel Card

Linda Adam's Easel Card

Linda Adam's Easel CardLinda Adams emailed me this fun Easel Card yesterday (and gave me permission to share it with you when I asked). Directions for this type of card can be found in VSN’s “Specialty Card Folds” eArticle. It is such a easy Kind of card to make, but is so cool because it can stand by itself. Linda says that this is the first time she has made this type of card.

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Gate Fold Thank You Card

Gate Fold Card ClosedToday I needed to make a thank you card and, inspired by one of the cards I created for the “Specialty Card Folds” eArticle, I decided to make it a Gate Fold card.

Gate Fold cards are tri-fold variations where instead of folding the cardstock base to create three equal width panels, the two outer panels are each cut to half the width of the center panel. This way, when the card is closed, the two outer panels meet in the middle. They open like a gate, hence the name.

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