Gate Fold Thank You Card

Gate Fold Card ClosedToday I needed to make a thank you card and, inspired by one of the cards I created for the “Specialty Card Folds” eArticle, I decided to make it a Gate Fold card.

Gate Fold cards are tri-fold variations where instead of folding the cardstock base to create three equal width panels, the two outer panels are each cut to half the width of the center panel. This way, when the card is closed, the two outer panels meet in the middle. They open like a gate, hence the name.

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New eArticle Posted: Specialty Card Folds

Specialty Card Folds eArticle Cover

Specialty Card Folds eArticle CoverHave you checked out VSN’s brand new eArticle? This one is on “Specialty Card Folds: Cards with More Than One Fold.” I think you are really going to like this one. The pdf version of the eArticle has 72 half-sized pages and covers:

  • Folding Basics (Scoring, Fold Types, Joining Panels and Allowing For Fold Thickness.)
  • Tri-Fold Cards (including Slanted Panel, Stepped Panel and Angled Panel variations).
  • Twisted Cards
  • Gate Fold Cards
  • Easel Cards and Twisted Easel Cards
  • Closed Gate Cards
  • Gate Fold Cards with a Flap
  • Triangle Tri-Fold Cards
  • Double-Gate Cards
  • Iron Cross Cards
  • Accordion or Concertina Cards
  • and Double ZigZag Cards
tri-fold open
Barb Benson (Slanted Tri-Fold Variation)

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Triangle Tri-Fold Card

Triangle Tri-Fold

Triangle Tri-FoldI’m working on more artwork for the upcoming VSN “Specialty Card Folds” eArticle again today. This eArticle focuses on cards with more than one fold. This square card is one of the card types that will be covered in the eArticle. Sometimes called a “Triangle Tri-fold”, it is another version of a basic tri-fold.

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