Slanted Tri-Fold Card

After spending most of the past week in bed with the flu (yuck!), I am glad to be back to doing something creative again. But as I’ve been creating cards for the upcoming Specialty Folds eArticle, I’ve also been watching the news on Boston which has focused today on the victims in the hospital. The images and text I keep reaching for seem to be influenced by what I’m hearing about on TV. I do sincerely hope that they are all now on the road to recovery.

This cSlanted Tri-Fold Card Openard is a simple tri-fold. The thing that makes it just a little bit different is that the outer two panels are cut diagonally in half, creating two triangular pieces that cross over each other. (It is sometimes called a “Crossover Card” for this reason.) I’ve attached the square layered flower image to the right triangle so that it overlaps the card when closed but still allows the card to open. The card text is stamped so that it can be seen whether the card is open or closed. The rest of the inside pink panel is left open for additional handwritten good wishes.(The flower is from Paper Parachute and the text is from Touche.)

This is just one of the cards I’ve created today for the new eArticle. Full directions will be in the eArticle which will be posted on VSN’s eArticle Library page on Saturday (4/20/13.) ~Nancie