Stamped Holiday Ideas Already on Your Bookshelf!

Nancie Waterman's Artwork

(Gingerbread Man: Stamp Clinic)

Looking for ideas for ways to use your stamps for holiday gifts, their wrapping or decorations? You’ve probably already got a bunch of ideas sitting on your bookshelf! Many readers of this blog have a collection of VSN back issues that are full of possibilities and it is still early enough in the season to actually do some of these projects!

Don’t want to have to wade through all 226 issues to find these holiday gems? Not to worry. I’ve got a page on VSN’s website with a Holiday Stamped Gift Ideas Index that will point to the issues you need.

Like the box and tag you see in the picture here? Directions for the box can be found in the Interference Faux Malachite Gift Box blog post and directions for the acrylic tag can be found in the new (free) “Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap” eArticle.

Have fun with your stamps this holiday season!
Nancie, VSN

New Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap eArticle POSTED!

Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap eArticle Cover

VSN’s newest eArticle, “Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap” has now been posted on VSN’s website for you to read! We stampers love to stamp greeting cards. But sometimes a card isn’t enough and you want to use your stamps to create a gift tag and/or gift wrap. But this time of year can be really BUSY and time is precious.

This eArticle covers twenty-one ideas for creating quick and easy gift tags, wrap or embellished gift bags using stamps and other supplies. Get out of the commercial gift wrap and a bow wrapping rut. Get inspired to use your stamps to create a gift wrapped presentation that is really special.

Note: This eArticle is organized a little differently than the typical VSN eArticle. Normally I go in-depth on each aspect of an art medium or tool or technique, showing sample art following each topic. This eArticle is more of a gallery of ideas for using your stamps to create a fun, quick gift wrapped presentation. So there is more art here and a little less text.

57 half-sized pages designed to view comfortably on your computer screen and is also printable! (pdf version. See below right.) Color photos of technique steps. 33 beautiful stamp art examples of the techniques covered.

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think in the comments!
Nancie, VSN

Interference Faux Malachite Gift Box

Interference "Faux Malachite" Gift Box

226 Days of VSN: Day 2:  Today is my second of “226 Days of VSN”. This time, I dipped into the July ’97 VSN for creative inspiration to turn a plan craft store box into something much more interesting.

Interference "Faux Malachite" Gift BoxBack in the ’90’s, we stampers became enamored of interference paints. These paints, available in both acrylic and watercolor versions, are very cool. When you squeeze out a little from the paint tube, it is a dull, actually kind of ugly, off-white. Not too exciting.

Where it gets cool is when you brush, rub or pat the paint onto a dark surface. Put it on a surface like black, navy blue or hunter green and the hidden interference color (actually titanium coated mica chips) in the paint suddenly appears. So now you have a gorgeous green or blue or gold or whatever color on that dark surface. Beautiful magic!

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