Getting Excited About Stamping Again

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Do you remember when you first discovered stamping? Maybe someone gave you a stamped card and you were amazed that they made it themselves. Maybe you stumbled into a rubber stamp store and wondered what the wood blocks with pictures on them were all about. Maybe you saw a demo of heat embossing at the local craft store and thought it was magic. Or maybe you stumbled across a how-to in a blog or through a YouTube video online.

While there are still new stampers joining us, many of the people who are stamping these days have been stamping for quite a few years. And sometimes when you have been doing something for a while, you start to lose the excitement that got you started. There is just something so stimulating about learning something new. And stamping is a very flexible craft that can incorporate all kinds of mediums and can mesh with other art and craft techniques, so you can always be learning something new with stamping . . . unless you let yourself fall into a rut.

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There was a period in stamping’s popularity when many of us were in acquisition mode. Whatever the newest thing was, we bought it. Whatever the newest technique was, we tried it. It was definitely fun. But as the drawers and shelves and surfaces in our craft rooms began to bulge with all the stuff we bought over the years, most of us began to pull back. We started to question whether we really needed to buy every new gadget, every new inkpad and spray, and whether we really had to learn every technique and related craft. We started being pickier about what we bought. And we started cleaning out the back corners and giving things away or selling them on eBay.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Not every technique is going to appeal to every stamper. And we don’t all need every gadget, every stamp or every art medium. But if you let yourself drop out of learning mode, you are likely to find yourself in a rut and bored with the whole thing. And that is really a shame because stamping is a great activity. Spend an afternoon stamping and you come away feeling creatively refreshed.

But how do you keep things fresh and keep learning new things without blowing your budget and overflowing your storage shelves?

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