So What Is Gesso Anyway?

Gesso and Test Sheets

This afternoon, I did another experiment using the Strathmore Premium Cover white cardstock I purchased a few weeks ago, this time looking at how prepping it first with gesso changes the way a variety of art mediums behave on it. All of the art mediums I tested are commonly used by stampers: regular colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolor markers, archival pigment markers, watercolor crayons, pastel pencils, alcohol ink markers and Gel-Sticks/Gelatos.

My inspiration to play with this traces back to my most recent “Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps” eArticle. In researching the topic, I learned that you can improve dry blending of Gel-Sticks or Gelatos if you first prep the surface with a light coat of gesso. After I purchased the Strathmore Premium Cover but wasn’t happy with the way it takes colored pencils, I wondered if some gesso might make a difference. So today I gave it a try.

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A Tale of Two Drawers: Finding What You Need Fast!

Roxs Drawer

Here is a peek inside one of the IRIS storage drawers I showed you the other day. Everything fits inside the drawer. What is inside it isn’t too tall or too heavy and I can see everything in the drawer. So what is the problem here?

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My Marker and Paint Storage

My Paint and Marker Storage

Storing the stamps we use is only part of a stamper’s storage challenge. We also have to figure out efficient storage for the art mediums that we use with the stamps — like markers and paints. You’ve got to put them someplace where they are accessible. But you also need to consider each art medium’s unique storage needs.

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