Ten Rules for Your Stamp Room (226 Days of VSN #4)

Stamping Area

226 Days of VSN: Day 4: Today is my fourth “226 Days of VSN post. This time, I was inspired by the Apr ’08 VSN’s “Earth Friendly Techniques” focus article.

While you are the ruler your own creative space, there are rules that every stamper should follow. Here are ten to help make your stamping safer, easier and more successful.

First Three Don’ts:

Don’t Eat or Drink: Having food and drink in your working area can cause two problems. First, it is easy to spill or drip things or mar your project with messy fingers. Second, sprays, loose powders and other art mediums can find their way into your food or drink and most are not something you want to ingest. If you will be working for a while and will want a drink, put it in a covered container and set it down away from your work area.

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