Storing Stamps and Storing Paper

My craft area 2014

Stamp and craft areas evolve over time. You get more stamps, more paper, more gadgets. You abandon one craft and discover another. You need to move or you need to change where you craft. All these things mean that no craft area can remain stagnant. I’ve recently re-vamped my stamping area and I’m really pleased with the results, so I thought I’d share it with you.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I did a series of posts on stamp room organization and stories back in 2013. (You can get to them via the “Studio & Organization” Category link in the blog’s sidebar or I’ve put links at the end of this blog post.) Many of the storage ideas I showed you then are still in use now. The main changes are the way I’m now storing my stamps, a tweak in my paper storage and some changes in how a few other things are stored as well as changing the floor plan a little. Maybe how I’ve set up my stamp area will inspire changes in your own!

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Oh How I Wish I Was Stamping . . .

Nancie Waterman's Artwork(Show Off Tags From Current “Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap” eArticle)

Oh How I Wish I Was Stamping . . .

There is something wonderful about a day spent doing something creative. It is great to go into the stamp room for a few hours and get my hands all inky creating a card or working through a technique. I wish I could say that I’ve been doing that this week. Unfortunately my husband and I have spent the last four days removing sixty year old tile and the black mastic adhesive beneath them from our basement floors (and we are not done yet!) Nasty, tiring, exhausting job. It’s like the opposite of being creative. Oh how I wish I was stamping!

Snow & Ice Ideas For Stamping

BUT, I should be back to stamping by this weekend, working on the next eArticle. This one is on Snow & Ice Ideas for Stamping”. I will be playing around with ways to create the look of snow or ice on stamped cards or other projects. I’ve got some ideas now and will be experimenting with my art supplies to try and figure out some more. Got a technique you really like? Please leave me a comment here so I can try it out. Or better yet, why not email me a stamped card using a snow or ice technique for the eArticle. You can find submission specs on the Get Published Page. (Please be sure to get your artwork to me by 12/5 if possible or by the end of the weekend at the very latest!)

Last Chance for VSN Print Back Issues

I’m going to stop selling print back issues at the end of this year and will no longer offer them as a challenge drawing prize after this Snow & Ice eArticle, so this is your last chance to be part of the challenge drawing to win 8 free back issues. Or if you simply want to purchase back issues, you need to do it NO LATER than 12/31/13. After that, they will be GONE. I know many of you who read this blog already have all the back issues you want so I’m not pushing this. But if there are a few more that you’ve been meaning to order to complete you set, this is your last chance to do it. I just want to be sure you know!

Glycerin Uses For Stampers

I’m sure many of you already read Lindsay Weirich’s “The Frugal Crafter” blog and/or enjoy her art and craft videos on YouTube. If not, you really should consider subscribing to her blog, because she posts some great stuff. Yesterday’s post was on “The Big List of Glycerin Uses”. In just under eight minutes, you’ll learn all kinds of ways to use this handy liquid in your stamp room. Be sure to check it out!

Hope you are enjoying some stamping time this week. For myself, I’m going back to the basement. Oh how I wish I was stamping . . .

Nancie, VSN

Some Really Good Acrylic Paint Videos to Recommend!

Acrylic Paints

Here it is the Monday again and I’m SUPPOSED to be spending today picking topics for future eArticles. But the internet is calling me and pulling my attention away! But that’s OK really, because there is some great info on the internet if you give yourself permission to poke around and take a little time to read some blog posts and watch some videos and let the flow of the internet take you someplace interesting. Today I’ve watched several EXCELLENT videos that relate to using acrylic paints in the studio – things like avoiding over-diluting acrylic paints, how to clean brushes and palettes, and even how to get dried acrylic paint out of clothes or other fabrics. Good stuff. So I wanted to let you know about them.

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