Spring Stamp Cleaning

inky stamps that need cleaningIt’s Time . . . sigh . . . I am embarrassed to show you this picture really, but these are the stamps I needed to clean today. I always have good intentions to clean my stamps immediately after use, but the reality is that the only stamps I clean right away are usually, 1) the one I need to stamp right away in a different color or a different type of ink, or 2) stamps with acrylic paint on them. (You never want to let acrylic paint dry on a stamp; it’ll create a permanent paint coat over the rubber.)

I’d like to say that I clean my stamps after each project . . . or at least once a week . . . or at least once a month. But I don’t. Usually I am so excited with whatever project I’m working on that I stamp it, set the inky stamp aside, go write about the project, and then forget about the stamp until I’m faced with the cluttered surface of my stamping area the next time I want to stamp. I’ve gotten pretty good about stacking inky stamps with the ink sides together so that I don’t get ink on the index side of the mount or on the table, but eventually, like today, I’m out of space and have to clean the stamps so I can put them away. Continue reading Spring Stamp Cleaning