Working on Gelatos eArticle + New VSN Weekly Deal

Metallic GelatosThis should be a fun week for me at VSN as I am finishing up the eArticle on using Gelatos and Gel Sticks in stamped projects (“Gelatos, Gel-Sticks & Stamps”). I’m finding these deceptively simple to use little tubes of pigment to be surprisingly versatile and a lot of fun. I’ve got the basic text draft of the eArticle done. This week’s tasks are to take lots of technique step pictures, tweak the text as needed and get the whole thing laid out in time for you to enjoy it next week. It will be posted on VSN’s website on 8/20/13.


weekly-deal-130812If in the meantime you’d like a stamping eArticle to read, I’ve put VSN’s “Choosing Color for Stamped Cards”eArticle up as “VSN’s Weekly Deal”.  Beginning this week, I am putting one unsponsored digital download item ON SALE each week at about 50% off as VSN’s Weekly Deal, running from Monday through the following Sunday. My inspiration is Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals (which I am personally hooked on!) where, if you pay attention, you can get some great deals on digital books. I thought I’d offer you something similar here with VSN’s Weekly Deal. Each deal will be about 50% off but it is only available for one week. As always, all proceeds go toward upkeep costs for VSN’s website and blog.


get-published2If you are looking for a new ART CHALLENGE on the other hand, I’ve recently added two new challenges on VSN’s “Get Published” page. The first, I told you about last week: “Watercolor Crayons & Stamps”, which will be the subject of the September VSN eArticle. Deadline for submissions for that challenge is 9/5/13. The second Challenge is “Gelli Plates & Stamps” which we will look at in the October VSN eArticle.

There is lots of cool stuff coming up and I hope you will be a part of it!

Nancie, VSN