The Post That Wouldn’t Email Itself . . .

Cut out ImageWhenever I publish a new post, email subscribers are supposed to get an email so they know it is there. But I don’t think the email worked for today’s Turn a Line Stamp Into a Silhouette Stamp” post. (At least I didn’t get the email, so I’m guessing you didn’t either.) So I’m trying again.

If you didn’t get the email, hopefully it will work this time. (And if I am wrong and you did get the email, please forgive the extra notice.) The silhouette post follows this one . . . Please join me on the blog to read it or if you are reading this ON the blog, then just scroll down a little on the page and there it is . . .

Nancie, VSN

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Nancie Waterman

Nancie Waterman created and self published Vamp Stamp News magazine for nearly twenty years. These days, Nancie creates and posts monthly eArticles on stamping topics on the Vamp Stamp News website (

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