Upcoming eArticle Topics: Gel Sticks, Gelatos, Watercolor Crayons . . .

Wondering what the topics will be for the upcoming August and September VSN FREE eArticles will be? Here is a peek:

Gel Sticks and Gelatos

On August 20, theGel Sticks, Gelatos and Stamps eArticle will be posted. We’ll play with these fun little sticks of pigment using a variety of techniques to create some beautiful stamp art!

Watercolor Crayons

September’s eArticle (to be posted on September 20) will look at using watercolor crayons in stamp projects. Here is the CHALLENGE posting for this one:

Watercolor Crayons & Stamps

Challenge yourself to create a stamped project that uses watercolor crayons in some way. Submit your card using Submission Specs. (Email address for submitting artwork is found inside the file!) At least some major project elements must be stamped! (You MUST follow the specs for your artwork to be considered for publication and to be included in the challenge drawing!)

I will include as many as possible in theWatercolor Crayons & Stamps eArticle (to be published online on 9/20/13.) Two names will be drawn from among those who submit artwork to win their choice of 8 of VSN’s 226 print issues OR a $20 eGift certificate usable on VSN’s Online Shopping Cart. Deadline: Receipt at VSN no later than 9/5/13.

I hope you will join us for the fun! And if you have a suggestion for a future eArticle topic, please let me know!

Nancie, VSN

2 thoughts on “Upcoming eArticle Topics: Gel Sticks, Gelatos, Watercolor Crayons . . .

  1. Really looking forward to your upcoming articles Nancie!!! I’m not having too much success with my Gelatos so I need all the help I can get – LOL!
    Paper Hugs,

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