VSN eArticle Correction + What To Do If You Can’t Open an eArticle

Last Updated on August 20, 2022 by Nancie Waterman

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Oops! eArticle Correction

Marilyn Sweeney just alerted me that I’ve got a crediting error in the new “Stamped Gift Tags & Gift Wrap” eArticle. The tags above (found on page 28 and 29 of the pdf version of the eArticle) were credited correctly to Cindy Connell on page 28 but incorrectly credited to Marilyn Sweeney on page 29. (The page numbers on epub and Kindle mobi versions will vary depending on your reader and text settings.) I have corrected the error in all versions of the eArticle and re-uploaded the files, so if you would like to download a corrected version, that’s what you will now find on the website and the online shopping cart. My apologies to Marilyn and Cindy for the error.

What To Do If You Can’t Open an eArticle

Most of the time, opening and reading VSN’s eArticles is easy. You just click on the link and the file opens or downloads and you read it using whichever reader software you have installed on your computer. But every now and then, you may have a problem. Here are some things to do if an eArticle doesn’t open or download the way you expect:

So what should you do if you can’t open an eArticle file? First, double-check that you are trying to download and open the file type you really want. Remember that the eArticles come in three file types: pdf, epub and Kindle mobi. Nine times out of ten, the reason that the file won’t open is that you are trying to open one type of file with a reader for another type of file. So if you try for example to open the epub version of an eArticle using Adobe Reader for pdfs, it won’t open. Fortunately, the fix for this problem is easy. Just go back and download the eArticle file version that you need. Because most of the eArticles are free, this isn’t a big deal.

Which version should you pick? Pick the pdf version if you want to read the eArticle using Adobe Reader or some other pdf reader software. This is typically what you’ll want if you are reading it on a desktop or laptop computer. It can also be read on tablets if you have a pdf reader app installed. Pick the epub version if you want to read it on a non-Kindle tablet like iPad, Nook or Android tablets. You’ll need a epub reader app installed to open the file there. Pick the Kindle mobi version if you want to read it on a Kindle eReader. You’ll need to get the file to the personal documents folder to open it there.

What if you can download the file but it is blank? This sometimes happens if you are trying to read the pdf version on a Mac, although it has been a while since I’ve had anyone report this problem. Sometimes they will report that they can open other pdf files but not the eArticles. What seems to be happening there is that the pdf reader software being used is not up to handling these very picture heavy pdf eArticle files. If you have this problem, whether using a Mac, a Windows machine, or a tablet or eReader, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the reader software. If that doesn’t do it, try using a different reader software. I strongly recommend Adobe Reader for reading VSN’s pdf eArticles.

What if you can’t download the file on the website? Most people simply click on the download link on the eArticle page and download the file right there. They then SAVE the file to their computer so they can read it again whenever they like. But every now and then, someone will find that their browser doesn’t want to cooperate in downloading and/or opening the file. If this happens, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of your browser software and/or try using a different browser. Alternatively, try downloading the file through VSN’s Online Shopping Cart. (It is still free, although the shopping cart does require your name, address and email address.) Some people find that gets around browser issues. (Alternatively, if you have trouble downloading via the shopping cart, instead try using the download links on the eArticle page.)

What if you’ve tried everything suggested but still can’t open or download the file? Contact me and I’ll try to help. When you do, please tell me:

  • which version of the file you are trying to download (pdf, epub or Kindle mobi)
  • where you are trying to download the file (eArticle website page or the shopping cart)
  • what happens when you click on the download link (error messages? blank? what?)
  • what browser you are using to download the file. Is the most up-to-date version installed?
  • what type of computer or eReader you are using to open the file
  • what software or app you are using to open the file. Is the most up-to-date version installed?

Emailing me for help is totally cool; I WANT to know if you have a problem as it is the only way I can help you with it. Just keep in mind that I can help you much more quickly if you include a little info on what exactly is happening when you email.

Good wishes
Nancie, VSN

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