VSN Weekly Deal: Sept 9 through 15


Happy Monday! Hey, Monday’s don’t have to be a bad day. Celebrate the beginning of another wonderful creative week with VSN’s Weekly Deal. This time instead of going digital, the Weekly Deal is 50% off all rubber stamps (mounted, foam mounted or unmounted) found in VSN’s Online Virtual Yardsale. These stamps are already heavily discounted, so another 50% off makes them pretty much dirt cheap. They’ll be available for 50% off their already discounted prices from Sept 9 though 15, 2013. Keep in mind that this is a yardsale, so there is only one of each stamp. First come first serve. Proceeds from the yardsale help support VSN’s website and blog.

Important Note on Shipping Charges: If you do decide to purchase some stamps on the Yardsale, please keep in mind that the Online Shopping Cart estimates shipping costs. It only knows about Priority Mail and doesn’t know about Flat Rate Priority Mail or First Class Mail, both of which are often (although not always) a cheaper way to ship yardsale items. When you place an order, the Shopping Cart will authorize the charge for the amount of what you order plus estimated shipping costs. If I can ship for significantly less (more than $1 difference) than the Shopping Cart estimates for shipping and envelope, I’ll adjust the charge down before charging your credit card. (The charge will only ever be adjusted DOWN; I am unable, even if I wanted to, to adjust a charge upward.) Please note that because this Weekly Deal slashes stamp prices so low, it is possible in some cases that shipping could be more than the cost of the stamp(s). Keep in mind that if you purchase several things, the per-item cost of shipping often divides out to be lower.


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