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Watercolor Crayon Artwork

This is a quick card that I made for the “Watercolor Crayons: Techniques For Stampers” eArticle. The layout and design of the card isn’t really the strongest, but I like it for two reasons: I love the strong colors and the feel of it. And I like that it shows two very different ways that you can use watercolor crayons in stamp art: to create a vibrant background and to subtly color and shade a stamped image.

I’m not a big fan of art mediums and products that can only be used one way. If that one way is really spectacular and/or if you know that you will get a lot of use out of it, then fine, maybe it is worth the investment. But what I like best are art mediums that can be used in all kinds of ways to create all kinds of effects. Watercolor crayons fit that need very well.

The detailed directions for this card can be found in the eArticle. (It’s on page 37 if you are viewing the pdf version of the eArticle.) But basically, the background was created by coloring wet and directly with watercolor crayons on watercolor paper. There are a couple ways to do this and I used both for this background. Both the paper and the crayon were wet when I did the coloring. I built the color up by repeated passes, but watercolor crayon color is strong enough that you really can do it very quickly.

The giraffe scene (Beeswax stamps) on the other hand, has more subtle coloring, but it still uses watercolor crayons and even includes one of the same colors used in the background. Coloring the stamped scene used a different technique. It isn’t easy to see in a picture, but the image was stamped and embossed. I used the embossed lines as a palette and used a blender pen (you could alternatively use a wet brush) to pull the color off the embossing onto the paper areas inside the stamped image.

The eArticle has how-to text and photos for these and many other techniques. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I hope you will. There is so much that you can do with watercolor crayons and I’ll bet there is a technique or two in there that you hadn’t thought of yet!

Nancie, VSN

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Crayon Sample Card

  1. Beautiful picture Nancie…I have not had a chance to read the article yet, but have it downloaded! New to watercolor crayons, so interested in what you have to say in the article…thanks for sharing!!!!
    Paper Hugs,

    1. Hi Jan, Sure thing. I think you may be surprised at all the things you can do with watercolor crayons. Add that they are easy to use, very portable and less expensive than some art mediums and there really is a lot to like about them. (Of course, I tend to fall in love with every art medium I play with and write about! LOL) Nancie, VSN

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