Why Would a Stamper Need Lynda.com?

One of my favorite websites, Lynda.com, is currently offering a seven day free trial, so I thought I’d let you know. Of course, Lynda.com isn’t a stamping website, so you might wonder why I’m telling you about it here and why in the world a stamper would need a site like Lynda.com . . .

First, I should tell you that I have no financial interest in Lynda.com (other than that I have had a monthly membership for many years) and I don’t get any kick-back if you read this post and then sign up. I just think that it is a really handy site, whether you use it for the seven day free trial, or you just get it for a single month (currently $25) or if you become a long-term subscriber like me. It’s the kind of place where, if you are interested in visual design topics and/or use a computer, you are bound to find helpful classes.

Topics include things like:

  • Photography – Helpful if you want to improve your picture taking skills for scrapbooking or sharing online.
  • Photo editing  – Helpful if you want to use a photo editing program (like Photoshop Elements for example) to tweak photos of your stamped cards before you post them online or submit them to a stamping publication or if you want to create digital backgrounds, etc.
  • Color theory – Great if you need help picking out colors for your stamped cards.
  • Video – Helpful if you want to create your own how-to videos to post on your own stamping website or on YouTube, etc.
  • Blogging – A great help in figuring out how to set up your own stamping blog.

I’ve taken many, many Lynda.com classes over the years. They really are excellent. I use them to learn new subjects and/or to learn about new versions of software I use. I also use it as a reference because it works better for finding answers to problems with software I use than the so-called “Help” built into most programs these days.

Check it out. It’s free to try. In seven days, you could take a ton of classes . . .

Nancie, VSN

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