Brayer Techniques For Stampers

Brayer Techniques For Stampers: Brayers are incredibly useful tools. Every stamper should have at least one!

This eArticle looks at the four main types of brayers: hard rubber, soft rubber, foam and acrylic and when to use each type. We cover using brayers for burnishing and smoothing as well as using them with ink, paint, glue or water.

Techniques include loading a brayer with ink, creating brayered ink backgrounds (both one color and rainbow multi-color backgrounds), the "Bouncing Brayer" technique, as well as using brayers with masks, stencils and dry embossing. We look at several brayered resist techniques, two ways to load a stamp with paint, two approaches for creating brayered paint backgrounds, brayering Perfect Pigments, altering brayers to create custom patterns and finally, brayer care and storage. There is a LOT here to inspire you!

UPDATED 4/9/16: This eArticle includes numerous links to external articles on the topic. I tested all of the links, added a few updated product links, updated several video links that had changed and found an alternative to replace one that had disappeared. I also updated VSN information found in the final pages.

70 half-sized pages designed to view comfortably on your computer screen and is also printable! (pdf version. See below right.) Color photos of technique steps. 18 beautiful stamp art examples of the techniques covered.


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