Reducing Bird Strikes: DIY Birdsavers Project

Zen Window Curtains
Zen Wind Curtains

When you feed birds, you are drawing more birds near to your house and its windows. You get a sick feeling in your gut when you hear the thump of a bird hitting the glass hard. Bird strikes can injure and even kill birds. As a responsible bird watcher, you do what you can to reduce bird window strikes. With that in mind, I looked for an inexpensive solution that doesn’t obscure our view out through the window. What I found was “Zen Wind Curtains” or “Birdsavers”.

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Looking Beyond The Bird Feeder

Palm Warbler
Palm Warbler

During the winter months, most of the bird action in my yard is at the feeders. There are also birds looking under leaves and in bark crevices for bugs or searching for natural sources of seed or fruit. But none of these things is as abundant in the cold months, so for many birds that stay around here through the winter, the feeders become the center of activity.

But come spring, there are more and more things around for birds to eat so, while they’ll still happily come to feeders, many can also be seen in other places in the yard. Sparrows who up until now were mostly found under the feeders are now searching for seed and bugs in the grass (or what passes for grass in my yard) or up in the trees that are now leafing out. Some birds are getting nectar from flowering plants or finding insects attracted to the flowers. And there are all kinds of really interesting spring migrants coming through that don’t come to feeders at all, but who might be found in your yard if you watch for them.

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A Raccoon is Eating My Suet!

Suet Feeder in the Birdbath
Suet Feeder in the Birdbath

 Just as I was congratulating myself that I had gotten my feeders strategically set up to attract the birds I wanted while keeping squirrels out . . . a new visitor from nature arrived. A raccoon was eating my suet.

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