Gift Ideas For Birders & Birdwatchers

Watching a Purple Finch Watching Me
Watching a Purple Finch Watching Me

Are you looking for gift ideas for a birder or a backyard birdwatcher? Or maybe you are a birder or birdwatcher yourself and want gift ideas to hint to someone else. Whether for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday or a holiday gift, here are some ideas to make a birder or bird watcher smile.

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Birds Seen in Mexico

Great Kiskadee in Tulum Mexico
Great Kiskadee

Today, as we watch the snow melt after a freak early spring snowstorm here in Maryland, I am thinking back to our visit to the Yucatan last November, where the skies were sunny, the ocean was so very blue, the temperatures were perfect and the people were friendly and kind. Our trip revolved around family and wasn’t meant to be a birding expedition, but we still saw some cool birds in Mexico and I got pictures of some of them. I think of it as “birding around the edges.” Here are some of the birds we saw on our adventure.

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My Four Favorite Birding Apps

Warbler Guide Bird Screen
Warbler Guide Bird Screen

If you enjoy watching birds and have a smart phone, there are some wonderful apps that will enrich your birding. Whether you want to figure out where to find interesting birds in the area, or if you want a field guide in your pocket so you can figure out what that bird is in front of you, or even if you just want to keep a log of what birds you’ve seen, there are apps that will make things easy for you. The wealth of birding resources that you can fit in your pocket is amazing. These are the four apps that I use every week.

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