American Robins

American Robin
American Robin Eating a Juicy Worm

When we think about American Robins, many of us think, “Spring!” But these very common birds are actually around all year long in much of the United States. While some in the north do migrate southward, in many areas, they stick around if there is food to be found. Their behavior changes in the spring though, which is probably why we tend to notice them more as the days start to lengthen and the weather warms. I thought today, the first day of spring, would be a good day to share some interesting tidbits about robins.

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Cool Places to Learn About Birds Online

Wood Duck Pair Preening (Buddy Attick Park, Greenbelt MD)
Wood Duck Pair Preening (Buddy Attick Park, Greenbelt MD)

Birds are endlessly fascinating creatures and there is always more to learn about them. One wonderful thing about the internet is that there is a lot of knowledge out there from top sources. You just need to know where to look (or be willing to spend some time web surfing to find them.)

Here are four spots online that I think you might enjoy. The first is a recent article about bird intelligence. The second is a resource for forecasting what birds you might expect to be migrating through your region of the US in the coming week. Another is a nifty way to figure out what bird lost that feather you found on the ground today. And the last is a fun tool that teaches you a bit about bird anatomy (helpful when bird field guides use descriptive terms that aren’t familiar to you.) Sound interesting? Read on!

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