Where to Hang A Suet Feeder Part 2

Male Downy Woodpecker Eating Suet
Male Downy Woodpecker Eating Suet

My approach to offering suet to birds in my yard has evolved over the past several years. Through a lot of trial and error with feeder type and placement, I’ve learned a lot along the way. My current suet set-up has been working wonderfully for season after season and now I don’t have to stress over it at all. It just works.

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Attracting Blue Jays

Inquisitive Blue Jay

Blue Jays are fun birds. Members of the Corvidae family, they are smart and bold. Yes, they can seem a little obnoxious to human eyes, but if you watch them, they don’t so much bully other birds at the feeders as behave in a loud self-important “me first” way. They fly in, take what they want, announcing it with loud calls, and then move on to other business. And sometimes other backyard birds call their bluff and they are the ones who have to back off! Would you like Blue Jays in your yard? Offer them the foods they like!

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Fifty-Six Cedar Waxwings

Cedar Waxwings at A Bird Bath
Cedar Waxwings at Front Bird Bath

Usually I’m not too thrilled when huge flocks of birds descend on the yard, displacing our “regulars” from the feeders and birdbaths. But I must admit that when fifty-six (at least!) Cedar Waxwings visited this past weekend, I was happily excited. Unlike the big flocks of Common Grackles, European Starlings and Brown-Headed Cowbirds, this crowd was not aggressive towards the other birds and didn’t displace them. They didn’t want anything from the feeders after all. They didn’t mess with the other birds and the other birds didn’t mess with them. They were just there to drink.

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