Where to Put Bird Feeders: Spread Them Out!

Backyard Bird Feeders

How do you make your yard’s bird feeders a success with a wide variety of birds? If you’ve got more than one or two feeders, and have the space, consider spreading them out! Too many feeders right on top of each other, each appealing to different types of birds, creates congestion and increases conflict as species and personal spaces overlap. 

This doesn’t mean that every feeder has to be its own remote island. If you instead think about feeder types and who is likely to visit each feeder, you can instead cluster the ones that make sense to be near each other and leave space in between the clusters that allow various species to eat relatively peacefully at the same time.

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Where to Hang A Suet Feeder Part 2

Male Downy Woodpecker Eating Suet
Male Downy Woodpecker Eating Suet

My approach to offering suet to birds in my yard has evolved over the past several years. Through a lot of trial and error with feeder type and placement, I’ve learned a lot along the way. My current suet set-up has been working wonderfully for season after season and now I don’t have to stress over it at all. It just works.

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Birds & Trees: A Tree Falls in the Yard

A Large Pine Tree Falls Across the Back Yard

Each time I enter a home count in eBird, I include a note that the location is a “Suburban Wooded Back Yard.” The many mature trees in our yard are after all a part of the attraction for the birds that come here. Unfortunately over the past year or two, this description is starting to fray. Our lovely large trees keep falling in unusual numbers and each time this happens, it not only affects the yard’s human owners but also the birds and other creatures that live here. Over this past weekend another very large tree fell. This one in particular is going to have real repercussions for bird life in our back yard.

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