Fish Crows: Fast Food Junkies!

Fish Crow Eating French Fries
Fish Crow Eating French Fries

In our suburban Maryland yard, a pair of Fish Crows has nested each spring/early summer for the past few years. Many of the other birds are not that crazy about the Fish Crows. I understand they sometimes will eat the eggs and nestlings of other birds. So I do understand the animosity.

But even so, I must admit that I really like the Fish Crows. They are some of my favorite birds in the yard. They are smart and social and will sometimes interact with me (when food is involved) so I enjoy them and encourage them in the yard.

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Today’s Summer Backyard Birds

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

Birds are always around, one of the things that makes bird watching such an approachable activity. If you don’t have time to watch for awhile, there will be birds to watch when time opens up again. When you do have time for it, it can be a very peaceful and healing activity.

I haven’t done much birding or bird watching in the past month or so. My brother died unexpectedly last month and as often happens when life throws you such things, my daily focus and activities narrowed for awhile. I’ve missed the birds. So today I made a point to go and sit out on my back step and see who might come for a visit.

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Backyard Birds on a Damp Day

Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak
Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, a First Time Visitor in the Yard

Today is cool and grey and damp here in Maryland. It’s not the kind of day where you wake up with an overwhelming desire to spend the day outdoors. In fact, staying inside wrapped in something warm is appealing. But often the grey wet days can be the most interesting bird days in the yard.

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